This Aeronautical Engineer Who Studied in China, Is Now Selling Juice to Make Ends Meet

Abdul Malik, an aeronautical engineer from Karachi is forced to sell juice to make ends meet.

Aeronautical Engineer

Abdul Malik, an aeronautical engineer from Karachi is forced to sell juice to make ends meet. He got his degree from China and had high hopes for a bright future in Pakistan. However, due to the lack of employment opportunities, he could no longer afford to support his family and thus, ended up selling watermelon juice.

Speaking with Geo News, Abdul Malik revealed that he completed his schooling from UAE and later enrolled himself at a Chinese University to get a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering.


Abdul Malik shares his story

After returning to Pakistan, he interned at the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra and also worked as a trainee engineer at the Peshawar Flying Club. He also spent a few years working as an assistant ramp officer at a private company.

He tried applying to all the airports in the country and sent applications to every aviation-related company. But despite his qualification and experience, he could not secure a job with a market competitive salary.

“I think I had to face a setback because there was no one to refer me,” said Abdul Malik, who also turned out to be proficient in five languages, including Urdu, English, Chinese, Pushto, and Arabic.

With inflation on the rise, he could no longer survive without a source of income. Abdul Malik was left with no other option but to sell watermelon juice to support his family.

“I stayed jobless for six months before trying to sell juice. But once I started, it became an instant hit and people started loving it… I think my career and future have been destroyed.”


The aeronautical engineer expressed his disappointment at the nepotism in the industry and said that he would throw away his degrees and certificates because they have been rendered useless to him.

As Malik’s story went viral on social media, many sympathized with him and wished him good luck. Pakistani actor Feroze Khan also took notice of the matter and said that he would like to hire him.



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