This Couple’s Wedding Shoot Proves that the Gas Crisis In The Country Is Real

Count your blessings; a partner in your life and gas in the stove!


Social media is set abuzz with a hilarious wedding picture. However, it is not the bride and groom that everyone is talking, but rather the bizarre setting. Netizen took it upon themselves to decipher this newlywed’s ‘unique’ wedding photoshoot.


The Internet is a Strange Place Indeed.

People can find all sorts of things on social media that will either make us go “wow” or “huh!?”. Recently, a social media user took everyone by surprise with a wedding photo.

The Perfect Photoshoot

Marriage is a joyous occasion and an opportunity for the bride and groom to look their best — especially for a memorable photoshoot. While most newlywed couple prefer to have their picture taken in a beautiful garden or a luxurious room, but this couple had other plans. The groom and his bride posed in the kitchen. The newlywed couple are apparently mesmerized by a burning stove!? Why? Because the gas crisis in the country is real and it is a blessing indeed.



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Yes, in next level of internet trolling, this user shares a picture of a couple all dressed in front of a kitchen stove. Check it out!

“Desi wedding photoshoots are not subtle at all…” the netizen hilariously writes in the caption.

Of course, ‘gas and “humsafar” go hand in hand’ but this couple took that notion quite literally! The post has gone viral on social media as people on Twitter do their best to ‘find meaning’ behind this unique picture. Here are some hilarious reactions to the Twitter post. Check it out!

Renowned journalist Alia Chughtai has no idea what’s going on. Don’t worry Alia, neither do we.

Some people hate these celebrities for showing off such ‘vanity’. We too feel your pain Hassan.

She’s right, this soon-to-be ‘bahu’ isn’t making a good impression on her new ‘sass’ by wasting gas.

What do you think about this wedding photo? Although we don’t advise suggesting your future spouse to have the wedding shoot in your kitchen. Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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Written by Sher Alam


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