This Doll of Taimur Ali Khan is Beyond Creepy and Should Never Exist

This doll might be a whole new type of creepy.

Earlier this year, Bollywood star couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor welcomed a baby boy to their family. The boy, Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi, became a sensation in no time, with his face splattered in a bunch of places from apparel to peoples’ social media feeds. And it seems that there is no stopping the Taimur craze in India, but we think that things have gone too far now.

The latest craze to hit India are dolls that feature the same likeliness as Taimur. One doesn’t need to look hard to see how far the Taimur doll may have taken up fanboyism/ fangirlism to creepyville now.

When an Indian journalist posted a picture of the Taimur doll being sold in Kerala, both the miniature Nawab’s parents had different reactions to the toy.

While Saif Ali Khan joked that maybe he should trademark Taimur’s name and the creators of the doll could have sent one to the Nawab household, Kareena was concerned about the whole thing. Apparently Kareena believes that her firstborn should lead as much of a normal life as he can. She said that while she won’t stop the media, she’ll continue to strive for a normal childhood for her little Nawab.

Social Media Reactions

People were pretty blunt in calling out how creepy this doll looks though:

Some responses called the whole thing straight up absurd:

There were some people who admired this handiwork as well:

Apparently, there were requests for more of this stuff as well:

What do you think of this whole affair? Should people give Taimur (and his parents) a break?


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