This Govt Employee Donated His Entire Pension to Buy Masks For Doctors

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In a time where all of society is vulnerable, some more than others, some stories have emerged that will be remembered for a long time. These stories reassure people that there is still some humanity left in the world.

As an act of sheer kindness and generosity, Mohammad Ramzan Bajeer from Mithi, Sindh set an example on how to act in times of a crisis and look beyond your personal needs.

Ramzan, an ex-government employee, and a resident of Mithi, the capital of Tharparkar District, comes from a region that cannot sustain itself in terms of economic sustainability. Hence, more people are taking a stand to help the region and its residents.

Ramzan had received Rs 160,000 as his pension. In his attempt to help others, he donated all of his pension to impoverished families in his locality who had lost their jobs during the Coronavirus. Ramzan said, “We should come forward to help the marginalized segment of society in the tough times.”

As the Coronavirus continues to be a pandemic that is destroying the livelihood of people, responsible citizens are stepping up and doing all that they can in an attempt to lessen the burdens of others. Ramzan is an example of how one should look beyond their own circumstances and help those who might not be able to help themselves.

He is an ode to a society that is looking for any kind of positivity at the moment. The sum of money may only be Rs 160,000 but it stands for a message that is far more valuable than the monetary value of what he donated. Ramzan sends out a message that every ounce of kindness matters. Our deeds matter.

Don’t hesitate and donate; it’s not how much you give, it is the act of giving that is commendable. Step out of your comfort zone and enable those who cannot enable themselves. Be a Ramzan, in a society filled with many who aren’t.

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