This Indian Director was Responsible for PSL’s Lackluster Opening Ceremony: Reports

Did you enjoy the show?

Shubhra Bhardwaj - PSL 5

Last night’s Pakistan Super League opening ceremony was a bummer. The only thing that managed to save the PSL 5 opening ceremony was Sajjad Ali’s performance.

Now rumor has it that an Indian director, Shubra Bhardawaj had been appointed to direct the show. What adds to an already messy situation is the fact that the first time an Indian director is appointed the PSL opening tanked. Of course, this resulted in grand slams from cricket fans

India’s strong opposition to its citizens working with Pakistani professionals in any capacity doesn’t help the situation either. Especially with how the FWICE goes out of its way to prevent Indian artists from working with anyone even remotely Pakistani.


Salman Khan Cancels Event Over Pakistani Organizer

Others asserted that Pakistani actor, Nadeem Jaffery was the man behind this PSL 5 show. Turns out that although Nadeem Jaffery’s NJ Productions was the company that organized the PSL 5 opening show, they hired Indian director Shubhra Bhardawaj to run the show.


This is the woman who has organized the Doha Asian Games 2006, Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010, and Indian Premier League Opening Ceremony. She boasts an impressive resume alright, but her management of the PSL 5 show was far from impressive.

Shubhra Bhardawaj has over two decades of experience in managing large-scale sporting and entertainment events. Yet she failed to combine the two for PSL.

Since she has directed events like Don’t Let Daddy Know and Tomorrowland Unite, no wonder she forgot to place some lights in there. For those who are unaware, these two were EDM festivals with pitch black darkness and light shows thrown in.

Some new things were tried out at PSL Opening Ceremony this time

This year PSL did go extra with the theatrics, such as the augmented reality display. The fireworks worked up the crowd for a bit, but it wasn’t much given the coin we spilled on the ceremony.

The overall quality of the show was so shabby it might have been shattered with one hit.


People Troll PSL Anthem ‘Tayyar Hain’ Over Social Media

It’s only fair that people are demanding an explanation as to how did this cost Rs 210 million. All that money and not a single spotlight. Could this have been deliberately sabotaged?

People also brought up how the cost incurred wasn’t worth the traffic jams.

The authorities will have to do a lot of explaining regarding the dismal opening ceremony for PSL 2020.


  1. I think forget about indian lady director i don’t blame her for this poor and pathetic opening ceremony she did exactly the same what an Indian should do, because no Indian will like to let go any good image of Pakistan in front of the world in any field.
    The main responsible person for this pathetic and worst ceremony was who decided and even thought about giving this huge project to any Indian director without thinking the current relationship between two countries and specially how badly they are treating our muslim brother and sisters in Kashmir and those innocent people are waving Pakistan flag and singing our national anthem .
    Shame on you the decision maker.