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This Indian Restaurant Thinks Mocking Kashmir Is Good For Business

Making profits off jingoism.


The people of Indian occupied Kashmir have been unable to step out of their houses for more than a month following the curfew imposed by the Indian Government. The curfew, which has entered its 33rd day, has resulted in the shortage of food for the residents of the valley.

Despite the tension and difficulties being faced by the people of Kashmir, an Indian restaurant decided that it could profit off their misery. And profited from it, it did.

A Food Dish That Mocks Kashmir Issue

As per Indian media, a restaurant in New Delhi has launched the Article 370 Thali, a dish platter whose only purpose is to reinforce how the Federal government rules Kashmir. The newly introduced platter has ‘special’ discount of 370 Indian Rupees for everyone possessing a government ID from Indian-occupied Kashmir.

The restaurant has introduced both veg and non-veg platters, offering a discount of 370 Indian Rupees for the residents of Indian occupied Kashmir on each. The restaurant also claims to have included cuisines from the region (with the exception of beef because of course).

India decided to impose curfew in the valley after ending the autonomy status conferred to Kashmir under Article 370, last month.

There is a complete communication blackout in the valley, with people outside struggling to know about the well0being of their loved ones. The Indian government says that the move was taken to curb protests in the valley. The Kashmiri people were not even allowed to perform the rituals of Eid Al Adha.

At least the owner of this restaurant will be doing roaring business, as the Indian authorities continue to starve, torture and kill Muslim citizens in one of the most potentially dangerous flashpoints in the world.

Written by Arslan Khattak


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