This Pakistani Jewelry Brand is Highlighting Stories of Powerful Women in History

More than just pretty jewelry.

pierre gemme hur jewelry

Three Pakistani sisters have a great idea for a premier jewelry brand, with an emphasis on telling important stories about female role models. While most people prefer a pen and a paper, or even a camera, to tell a story, these talented women are using their beautiful jewelry as a canvas to tell the tales of famous female figures from Asia and Africa throughout history.

Hajra, Hira, and Hina Hafeez-Ur-Rehman are entrepreneurs who run a feminist storytelling jewelry startup in Cairo. The brand is called Pierre Gemme by HUR. Its collection consists of jewelry that captures Afghan, Persian, Egyptian and Moroccan history and the story of powerful women from those cultures and areas.

“Pierre Gemme in French means gemstones, which are an often overlooked part of Pakistan’s offerings to the world. The name is an homage to the natural beauty and landscapes of Pakistan. Beneath these landscape lies a whole new world of gemstones and its beauty.

While living in Baluchistan, we traveled along the Silk Road and got inspired by the gems each place had to offer. Pakistan is home to emeralds, aquamarine, Kundun, rubies, topaz, quartz, the list goes on,” Hajra told in an interview.


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“We’ve traveled to over 75 countries combined, and we come across so many stories, and those create connections that move and inspire us. The question of identity also came up between us, as Pakistani women what are the stories that we grew up with? And the idea of the brand grew from there. In the same way your grandmother’s jewelry carries a lot of meaning to you, we wanted to tell stories of inspiring women. We wanted to create a feminist brand where people could connect to a story.”

The sisters grew up in Baluchistan, where they say that jewelry is quite significant. Since the company has taken off, the sisters have started receiving international orders and as they travel the world. You too can place an order online through their Instagram page. Check it out!

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