This Poor Baloch Laborer Has 3 Million Fans and 100 Million Likes on TikTok!

Why is nobody talking about this guy?

TikTok is a popular platform with teens and tweens. The video-sharing platform is even widely popular with grown adults in Asia. In fact, a Baloch man just hit 100 million likes on TikTok.

While most TikTok stars we know are urban-dwelling adolescents, its great to see a Baloch man take the lead. Naseer Baloch comes from a menial background and he even pointed out how despite his three million followers, no famous TikTok star in Pakistan has acknowledged his success.


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He even posted a video about his son congratulating him on hitting the milestone.

The TikTok community needs to highlight this man!

@naseer_baloch_006mere bete ne dia mubarkh baat ##teambalochistan_1 ##sindhwale♬ original sound – naseer_baloch_006

It is truly heartbreaking to see this video, which gives us a glimpse of how poor Naseer and his family is. And despite it all, he has made TikTok his own.


Naseer Baloch needs our recognition

It’s funny how people with a few thousand followers can call themselves ‘social media influencers’ in Pakistan. Yet this man with his 3 million followers has no endorsements?

According to TrendingOnSocial, Naseer has more followers than famous TikTokers such as Pinky Francis, Adeel Murtaza, Reeja Jeelani, etc.

He’s actually among the top 10 most followed TikTokers from Pakistan. Based on likes, Naseer follows closely behind Ali Fayyaz’s 103.1 million likes and Tuqeer Ahmed AKA Phollu’s 102 million likes.

In fact, despite Nausheen Syed (Dolly) and Sehar Hayat having over 4 million followers, they still fall short of having 100 million likes.


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Sehar Hayat was actually among the TikTokers employed by the government of Punjab to spread Coronavirus awareness.

While social media influencers emerged as contenders against mainstream celebs in the rest of the world,


Does it seem like Pakistan won’t recognize hidden gems like Naseer Baloch? It would be great to hear rags to riches stories of such TikTok stars who come from poverty-stricken backgrounds.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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