This Religious Cleric Says Earth Doesn’t Revolve Around The Sun [Video]

Wait what?

Haji Imran Attari

What is science? Science is the answer to many questions in life. It is the way for mankind to understand the basic organisms around him. The thought-provoking, innovative, and dynamic subject is taught in schools all around the world. Yet, a religious scholar feels that science does not explain how planets revolve around the sun.

Pakistan needs to invest in science in order to compete with the world’s most innovative inventors and researchers.

So, it goes without saying, that this religious cleric disappointed many with his remarks. Haji Imran Attari, who appears on the Madni Channel, is a well-known religious scholar. Recently, he was seen on the show Bachon ke Masail, where he imparts the teachings of Islam to youngsters. But a recent incident highlights just how intellectually-challenged these so-called ‘scholars’ are when it comes to scientific concepts.

On the show, a kid mentioned how the earth revolves around the sun, explaining the process of how the night becomes day and vice versa. However, Haji Imran smirked and said that his statements were incorrect.

He further goes on to explain that the earth is static:

The world does not rotate, it is static. This logic is incorrect. This theory of science is incorrect, the real theory is of Quran and Hadith.

Let’s take a look at the video:


A lot of the people were in disbelief and their reactions were pretty accurate:




Let’s see what Zakir Naik has to say on the matter of the earth revolving around the sun:


The teachings of Islam are very important and should be incorporated into a child’s life early on. However, religious scholars and clerics also need to be aware of the benefits of scientific thinking. These kids who were made to believe their scientific knowledge does not matter will have a hard time understanding the reality of the matter.

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