This Viral Image of a Grandfather with his Granddaughter Melted Pakistani Twitter

This is what love is made of.


Yesterday, food blogger Abeeha tweeted a picture that ended up melting all of our hearts. The image showcases an old man babysitting his granddaughter. This might not seem out of the ordinary at first glance. But apparently, there’s a rather heart-warming story here.

The senior citizen didn’t take his little angel to a Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) bench on a stroll. He’s watching over his granddaughter, because his daughter is pursuing her Ph.D. at QAU. It’s a small gesture that speaks of humanity within us.

Abeeha’s description states:

“I found him in my university Quaid e Azam. When I asked him why he was sitting here, he told me that he was here with his granddaughter because his daughter is doing a PhD and he was babysitting her daughter.”


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Twitter was in a puddle of emotions at the moving scene.



However, some people pointed out how the girl’s in-laws should be the ones babysitting the child and supporting their daughter-in-law.

People also brought up how public spaces such as workplaces and universities should offer daycare services. Not just for staff but students as well.


Daycare services for women are a necessity to integrate them in the workplace. While some women like Peshawar Additional Commissioner Sara Tawab, and ASP Aisha Butt are praised for bringing their babies to work, women like Mianwali teacher Ishrat Sattar are reprimanded for the same.


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That is why daycare centers in workplaces are necessary, to allow new mothers to bring their babies and toddlers to work. Currently, only the Peshawar Assembly offers a daycare center for female legislators.

The decision was prompted by a campaign by legislator Mahjabeen Shireen. Mahjabeen was criticized by fellow male lawmakers for bringing her child to the assembly session in 2019.

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