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This Viral Picture About Valentine’s Day Has Got Everyone Talking

What are your thoughts?

Valentine’s Day is a celebratory day for people all around the world. One day in a year, 14th February, to tell your loved ones how very special they are. Of course, you should do that every day of every year but for those who keep forgetting, V-Day is a jovial reminder.

And then there are some who prefer to go it alone. Maybe you haven’t found ‘the one’ yet and its fine! Good things come to those who wait.


Mahira and HSY Do a Sizzling Photoshoot Just in Time for Valentines Day

The whole month of February is filled with V-day related memes and shenanigans. This is true for Pakistani Twitter too because they have finally found that one definitive picture to let their inner troll out.

This picture though:


As you can see, 6 friends, in an attempt to spell L O V E with human alphabets, pose on a (hopefully) empty road.

The picture has since gotten a lot of reactions; In particular, the guy posing for the V in love. Let’s see what people have to say


Valentine’s Day is No Longer Banned in Pakistan

For anyone wondering how to make a body alphabet ‘V’ without looking like a fool, here’s what it should look like

We apologize for using a watermarked photo, but there’s a point to be made here!

Even though behind the scenes, it looks like an adorable and thoughtful effort, people’s reactions have been hysterical.

Do you have any embarrassing Valentine’s Day story to share? Or do you have thoughts why V-Day is a waste of time and money. Let us know!

Written by Lens Staff


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  1. Because of its fast paced, robotic lifestyle , the western world has mostly lost its social roots. For this reason they have derived a means to reassociate with it ie celebrating mother, father, teacher, women…… Valentine n many other such days.
    What does this mean? Do all these important links of our lives just need one day to be honored? What about the remaining 364 days, when we don’t even give a damn for any of these.

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