This Viral Video of a Couple Doing Aerial Firing is Dangerously Reckless

This is absolutely not right.

aerial firing

Aerial firing, unfortunately has become a part of celebrations and many events in Pakistan. Independence day, wedding functions, New Year’s Eve and even some religious festivities are observed with firecrackers and guns.

But why is that? Why do we have to be so reckless to celebrate happiness? Sadly, these incidents are observed on a daily basis now and people think it’s all about ‘swag’.

Call it bravery or negligence, but another ‘swag’ video is making rounds on social media. Apparently, a newly married couple was celebrating their wedding by aerial firing and yes, the bride herself was involved in it. And a kid too.

The Aerial Firing Video That Everyone’s Talking About


We are definitely not targeting the woman over here. But if you look at the video closely, you can see a kid standing right there, just a few inches behind the couple.



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Careless Attitude? Something More Than That Actually.

Every year, hundreds of people get injured due to aerial firing. The tragedy is, that some even lose their lives in such incidents while the other person is blinded by their ego.

Showing off power or ‘coolness’ or even a little bit of ‘swag’ is quite problematic when it becomes a matter of life and death.

Every life is precious. If someone thinks ‘I should celebrate by open firing because I’m happy and I don’t care,’ then that person needs to have their software updated.

Banning guns or weapons is one way these incidents can be curbed, but we all know how those measures have worked out so far. People need to adopt common sense when using these firearms for ‘fun.’

Licensed guns are meant mostly for defensive purposes and it should be treated that way. But taking out that very gun to open fire, whose bullet can harm a commoner is neither culture nor defense. People really need to understand that ethics and safety should never be compromised.


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