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This Woman Overcame Her Tragedy By Selling Soccer Balls in Islamabad [Video]

A strong-willed woman who is making ends meet.

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Four years ago, Abida Bibi’s world turned upside down when her husband was paralyzed. Now faced with the prospect of taking on the financial burden herself, she took to the streets of Islamabad to sell soccer balls.

Her daily grind has been the main source for the payment of rent, her 4 daughters’ education, and her husband’s medical bills. Although Abida was fearful of the journey she took 4 years ago, she was determined to never ask anyone else for help.

I learned how to make soccer balls in childhood. I learned out of interest but now I am compelled to do it.

Due to the conservative society that Abida lives in, she was worried about others gossiping about her work.

I was scared of what others would think of me sitting outside, but I came here anyway.

The strong-willed woman spends her day selling soccer balls and earns as little as $5 (Rs 650-700) a day. However, she has been able to pay for all the utilities and bills.

Being the sole earner of the house hasn’t been easy for Abida Bibi- she hopes to land a small factory job so she can continue her daughters’ education.



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Via RadioFreeEurope


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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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