Throwback: Indian Media Once Thought Imran Khan and Rekha Were Getting Married

A trip down memory lane.

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Even before he was the Prime Minister of Pakistan, it is an open secret ladies from all over the world were smitten by the captain of the Pakistan national cricket team, Imran Khan.

Rumor has it that back in 1985, people were speculating whether he is tying the knot with the legendary Bollywood actress Rekha, or not. You read that right.



In 1985, Indian daily The Star cited a journalist, alleging that the Pakistani fast bowler and the Silsila actress were tying the knot soon. Of course, we now know that did not happen, but remember that in those days people did not have any internet or breaking news 24/7 channels. The rumors gained credence because the two were seen together in Bombay at the time and very much enjoying each other’s company.

Here’s what the journal wrote in this newspaper clipping from 1985:

Pakistan’s ace fast bowler Imran Khan and India’s screen glamour girl Rekha are to be married soon.



They further cited the Indian journal that said that IK was in Bombay for almost all of April.

According to the journal’s report, Imran Khan stayed almost the whole of April in Bombay. During this period, he and Rekha were seen enjoying each other’s company on the sea beach, the residence of Premi Shivar Godraj and at night clubs.



Rekha’s mother, who was team IK on this one, was reported going to an astrologer and was more than delighted by the idea of her daughter marrying him.

She had gone to Delhi and consulted a najoomi [astrologer] if Imran could be an ideal suiter to her daughter. No one knows what the najoomi had said but Rekha’s mother was convinced that Imran could be a welcome addition to her family.



The ‘glamour boy’ was not oblivious to all the attention he had been getting. In fact, Rekha was not the only actress he was seen with. Imran Khan was also spotted having a good time with actresses Zeenat Aman and Shabana Azmi.

But the journal quoted him saying that while he enjoyed actresses’ company, he would not marry them:

The company of actresses is good for a short period. I enjoy their company for some time and then move ahead. I cannot even think to marry a movie actress.



Well, he did not marry a movie actress. A decade later, IK tied the knot with Jemima Goldsmith in 1995. While the marriage only lasted 9 years, the two of them still have a good relationship and are parents to two sons.

Imran Khan was later married to the British-Pakistani journalist Reham Khan for a year. He is now going 2 years strong with his current wife Bushra Bibi.

We wonder what could have been the state of affairs had he married the infamous Rekha.

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