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TikTok Star Ali Khan Hyderabadi Takes the Heat For Making Fun of His Fan’s Skin Color

This is in extremely poor taste.

Ali Khan Hyderabadi

Ali Khan Hyderabadi did not have to do much to gain his whopping 6 million followers on TikTok. The famous star gained a massive success for, wait for it, walking.

Apparently his famous and quirky walks are a hit with the Pakistani audience. But these overnight ‘stars‘ increasingly prove we’re only casting pearls before swine. Which is to say, they let their newfound fame get to their heads.


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While Ali has made a huge name for himself amongst other Pakistani TikTok stars, he recently proved he does not deserve to be in the limelight.

Ali Khan Hyderabadi doesn’t know ethics

‘Hyderabadi’, as he likes to call himself, invited a fan for one of his live sessions on Instagram only to belittle and humiliate her.

A female fan joined his live session on his Instagram account when a kid sitting beside Hyderabadi ran away. Hyderabadi then proceeded to say that the boy was ‘scared’ because of the fan’s dark skin complexion.


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Calling her ‘kaali’ (blackface), which is nothing but colorism at its ‘finest’ in Pakistan, he then asked the girl if she could ‘clean her lens’ so she could be visible.

A Twitter user shared a clip from this live session to shed light on the fact that ignorant and uneducated people do not deserve the fame that they’ve been getting through social media. Let’s take a look at the video:



Twitterati React

People were outraged to see Ali Khan Hyderabadi’s inappropriate behavior. Here’s what they have to say:









Hyderabadi’s Response

While Hyderabadi could have apologized for hurting people’s sentiments and of being a bad example, here’s what he said instead:



Some die-hard fans of Ali Khan Hyderabadi are speculating that this was a staged prank and that the girl put something on her face to darken it. And to them, we say – that only makes this worse.

What do you think? Share your views in the comments section.


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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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