TikToker Ayesha Mano Breaks the Internet With New Pictures in Black Outfit

To shy to say🦋

The overnight social media sensation, Ayesha Mano or better known as Mera Dil Yeh Pukaray Aja girl has a knack to stay in the headlines, albeit by her cringy and weird TikToks or her viral photoshoots. This time, she has managed to grab eyeballs with her latest pictures in a black maxi dress with red embroidery and a dramatic tail.

Take a look!

Ayesha can be seen clad in a black full-length pishwas with red embroidery on the neckline and sleeves by the fashion brand Shehmina’s wardrobe.

She uploaded overly filtered pictures so we can’t say anything about her makeup but her luscious black tresses are left open with curled ends.

More often than not, she fails to impress and ends up getting trolled for being try-hard and extra in a cringy way on social media

Ayesha Mano, after finding overnight success all over the world and landing in several modeling gigs, has now been featured in a music video of the song Badal Se Gaye by a local singer known by the name ZK.

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