‘Toxic onscreen, toxic off-screen’: Feroze Khan Under Fire Over Wife Alizeh Sultan’s Abuse Allegations

Celebrities like Iffat Omar and Mehrbano spoke against him!

Lately, divorce has become quite a common issue in society. Even in our media industry, marriages are dying young with couples parting ways citing ‘irreconcilable differences or domestic abuse. Fans are still heartbroken due to the Ahad-Sajal divorce and are curious about Farhan and Urwa’s sinking marriage and now lovely couple like Feroze Khan and Alizeh Sultan decided to part ways.

It is breakup season in Tinsel Town as celebrity couples continue to come forward with shocking revelations about their spouses. In reality, everything beautiful has its scars, and people do tend to part ways. A few days before it was a rumor that the duo has filed for divorce and now fighting for children’s custody. Recently, Syeda Aliza Sultan came up on the internet and shared the real story behind her divorce with actor Feroze Khan.

In a heartfelt note to her followers, Aliza talks about the physical and psychological trauma she has endured during her 4 years of marriage to Feroze Khan. She calls her marriage an abusive relationship and has taken steps to protect her children from growing up in such a toxic environment.

As soon as the Aye Mushte Khaak star’s ex-wife shared her statement, many celebrities like Iffat Omar and Mehrbano stand up for her and spoke against him. According to a few celebrities and netizens no doubt the Khaani star can play toxic roles with authenticity because he is the same as that in his real-life as well.

People Call Out Feroze Khan

Whereas some people are also defending him and saying that Alizey Sultan is framing him for child custody.


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