Transgender Model Rimal Ali Joins PTI to Empower Her Community

The trans model will continue her showbiz career as well.

Rimal Ali

Transgender model and actress Rimal Ali has joined politics to become a voice for her community. Just days after she was allegedly tortured by unidentified assailants, it was announced that the model-turned-actress joined PTI, to focus on the welfare sector.

A month ago, Rimal Ali made a video in which she claimed that she was subjected to torture and her head and eyebrows were shaved by unidentified assailants. She revealed that a man named Jahanzeb Khan, has been mentally and physically torturing her for a long time.

Moreover, in a recent Instagram post, she shared that her case has been resolved, however, no organization or activist can credit for it.


Express Tribune reported that Rimal Ali joined politics in “vengeance”, saying it was the experience of her alleged kidnapping and assault that made her do so. In an official letter, the president of the PTI Insaf Welfare Wing’s Central chapter, Habib Malik Orakzai, confirmed appointing her as “Coordinator for Gender Discrimination”.


Meanwhile, the trans model will continue her showbiz career. She said that her fans would soon see her in the drama industry and in more films.

“I was appreciated by the public when I started my career and luckily, have got opportunities to work with legendary actors and actresses, including Mahira Khan. Showbiz is my passion and I will not leave it,” she had said.



Through this opportunity, Rimal wants to empower her community and bring justice to her cause. More power to her!



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