Trending: Aima Baig Suddenly Deactivates Her Instagram Account

Reason, unknown!

The bold and fierce pop star of Pakistan’s Music industry, Aima Baig recently deactivated her Instagram account for some unknown reasons.

Previously, she shared some of her pictures with her family from Dubai in a cool floral bandeau and leather shorts and gained the attention of her fans and followers and now they are curious why she suddenly deactivated her account.

The songstress has been coming into the headlines for quite some time now. She came under the spotlight for her scandalous breakup with ex-fiancé Shahbaz Shigri. Soon after the breakup news, British model Taloulah Mair accuses the pop star of cheating on Shahbaz Shigri with her boyfriend Qes Ahmed.

The model claimed that Qes is a womanizer and a swindler who has had multiple affairs with many women, including Aima. The British model went on a social media rant, from calling out Aima and her ex-boyfriend in derogatory terms to sharing explicit messages.

Things were not going well this year as well for Aima. First, her disaster of Kaifi Khalil’s Pyar Hua Tha cover song went viral for the wrong reasons then she followed her ex-fiancé once again on social media which again sparked memes. And now, God knows what happened that led her to make this decision once again to get herself away from social media.

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