TV Anchor Mistakes Sunny Deol For Sunny Leone During Live Program

Sunny Leon leading by how many votes?

sunny leone and sunny deol

Election reporting comes with immense pressure. Live coverage of the vote counting process even more so. In a rat race to break it first, one TV anchor accidentally called Sunny Deol as Sunny Leone, the actress.

The slip up immediately became food for memes. Even the Indo-Canadian actress Leone found the whole thing hilarious.


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Here’s What Happened

During live reporting of Lok Sabha 2019 Elections results, Arnab Goswami, the TV anchor covering the Gurdaspur polling results said

Sunny Leone is leading.

It was actually Bollywood actor Sunny Deol who had contested the elections from Gurdaspur. What anchor actually meant to say was that Deol is leading. Talk about a Freudian slip.

A Meme is Born

Within minutes, people started to share memes of the ‘Sunny day’.


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Sunny Leone really is the biggest election trend of the Indian Lok Sabha Elections 2019!

Then there were the suggestive jokes.

Indo-Canadian actress Sunny Leone then asked:

“Leading by How many votes ???? ;)”.


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