Twitter Deliberates, ‘Is Aurat March Foreign-Funded?’

Is this really the question we should be worried about?

Aurat March

Once again people, are pointing fingers at Aurat Azadi March, commonly called Aurat March. From allegations that the march is foreign-funded to claims that it is pushing for ‘Western agendas’, Twitter is swamped with baseless tweets.


The conspiracies didn’t end at foreign funding. There were also talks of how it’s important to cut back on LGBTQ rights rather than empower women. (priorities, y’know)


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Of course, there was character assassination of women and over-generalizations in the mix. How many of these people throwing around generalizations did any research into what women rights movements are about?


Then there were many who asserted that these are just conspiracy theories to discredit anything that challenges the patriarchy. But the question remains, why is ‘foreign funding’ a label to discredit anything in Pakistan?


Aside from the conspiracy theories, there were people that had a more rational approach. Truth be told it’s no secret the state is run on foreign aid. Yes, that’s what International Monetary Fund (IMF) loans and the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) money is.


So when will be women provided with their constitutional rights? Is the security of citizens in a welfare state, really a ‘Western agenda’ we must resist? How do we explain the rampant issue of sexual violence against women, children and even animals in Pakistan?


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These are the same rundown arguments we hear against Aurat March each year: from attacks on culture and Islam to foreign funding. Have these claims ever been substantiated before?

Given the fact that most developments in Pakistan from medicaid to agriculture is financed by foreign aid, why does it make any difference if Aurat March was foreign-funded? Is the resistance rooted in conservative attitudes?

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