Two Indian Cricketers Slammed For Supporting Shahid Afridi Foundation

When hatred goes out of control.

Afridi - Harbhajan - Yuvraj

During a time when we all talk about the ‘global fight’ against the global Coronavirus pandemic, India still can’t get past their hatred. Indian cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh had to find this out the worst possible way when they asked people to donate to the Shahid Afridi Foundation. Indian Twitter completely lost it.

It all started when the Shahid Afridi Foundation called for donations to help those in need amid the global pandemic. This call for donations was answered by a number of international cricketers. This includes India’s own Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh.

Both cricketers asked people and cricketers from other countries to donate to the foundation. Yet this move, which was made in good faith, was met with hate by Indians.


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First Harbhajan Singh’s video message faced backlash.

The cricketer’s nationality and nationalism were questioned.

As well as other allegations.

Indians tried to rationalize hate.

Meanwhile, Yuvraj Singh tweeted;

“These are testing times, it’s time to look out for each other,”

He was faced with similar allegations.

The misinformation campaign was in full swing.


As for the suggestions that the 38-year-old ex-cricketer should start from home. Well, he did, by raising money to fight coronavirus through his ‘YouWeCan‘ foundation.

But it looks like hate trumps all for bigots.

One Twitter user was really putting in the effort to spread hate.

Thankfully, some people did come through for the Indian cricketers:


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The World Cup-winning batsman responded to the hate with;

“I really don’t understand how a message to help the most vulnerable gets blown out of proportion!,”

He asserted his good intentions and how people need to drop their biases at least in a time like now.

“All I tried to achieve via that message was to help people in our respective countries by providing healthcare, my intention was not to hurt anyone’s feelings. I’m an Indian and will always bleed blue and will always stand for humanity.”

Meanwhile, Shahid Afridi thanked the two cricketers and later offered support against all the hate.

Indians really need to do better than play the terrorism card against Pakistanis like Shahid Afridi. When will these people learn to behave like mature and responsible adults?

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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