Ugly ‘Stories’ Behind Why Nimra Jacob and Hasnain Lehri Fought at TEXPO 2023

Dispute between the two sparked controversy over workplace safety and harassment

The glamorous TEXPO 2023 fashion show was marred by controversy after a heated dispute between model Nimra Jacob and actor Hasnain Lehri took place backstage.

Both the actor and model came forward with conflicting accounts of the incident as Nimra accused Hasnain of threatening physical harm, while Lehri claimed Jacob made personal attacks on his family.

It remains to be seen who was in the wrong, however, several members of the fashion industry have sided with Nimra.

A heated dispute between models Nimra Jacob and Hasnain Lehri backstage at TEXPO 2023, a prominent fashion event, has raised concerns about workplace safety and harassment within the fashion industry.

The conflicting accounts of the incident have garnered attention, prompting an investigation into the matter.

Nimra’s Side of the Story

According to the model, the dispute erupted when Hasnain Lehri allegedly bumped into her on the ramp. After confronting the designer, Nimra alleged that Lehri became agitated and verbally abusive, threatening to physically harm her, leaving her shocked and unable to complete the finale.

Jacob reported the incident to the event organizer, Tehmina Khaled, but felt that her concerns were dismissed or ignored. She and several other fellow models approached Lehri again. This time, however, he snatched her phone as she was recording his outburst.

Hasnain Lehri’s Side of the Story

The actor denied the allegations of physical violence and maintained that he would never engage in such behavior as he comes from a “respectable family”.

He claimed that the argument stemmed from Jacob’s rude behavior after she bumped into him. According to Lehri, she aggressively approached him afterward and even insulted his deceased father.

Lehri stated that he intended to end the discussion as the show’s finale was about to start and raised the issue with Khaled and the show director, Nubain Ali. Lehri admitted to taking Jacob’s phone, alleging that she was recording him without his consent.

The Industry’s Reaction

Several prominent models, actors, and designers came forward to condemn the incident at TEXPO 2023. Celebrities such as Meesha Shafi, Zara Peerzada, and other fellow models have expressed support for Nimra Jacob, emphasizing the need for accountability and protection against harassment.

The Jacob and Lehri controversy ignited a broader conversation about workplace safety, harassment, and power dynamics within the fashion industry.

The incident has shed light on the challenges faced by models and the urgent need for a safer and more respectful working environment.

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