UK Scientists Create World’s First Lab-Grown Steak Fillet

Why go to bakra mandi, when you can just grow your own gosht at home!

Scientists in the United Kingdom (UK) made the first-ever cultivated steak fillet from cells extracted from pigs. This scientific breakthrough gives us a glimpse into the future where butcher shops and livestock farming become non-existent.

A Newcastle-based biotech firm, 3DBT, has made a breakthrough in the field of lab-grown meat, producing the world’s first-ever cultivated steak fillet.

The company, which was established in 2019 and previously focused on cultivating human corneas, sees this development as a way to reduce global warming, air pollution, and land and water usage associated with traditional meat production.


The steak fillet was created using cells extracted from pigs, which were grown and structured into the meat without the use of fetal bovine serum, a controversial ingredient in cell growth. Instead, 3DBT utilized a patented cell booster called City-mix.

Does It Pass The Ultimate Test?

It’s great that scientists have managed to grow meat without harming animals or the environment. However, the only to determine whether this meat can pass off as “food” is by taste.


According to the scientist who dined on the “man-made” meat dish, the steak replicated the flavor, texture, and appearance of a traditional pork fillet, with the company describing it as “cruelty-free.” The company plans to unveil its creation at a public event in London in the near future.

These guys approve.

We can’t wait to see how this scientific discovery unfolds. For now, we’ll leave you with a query: Is lab-grown, artificial meat halal or haram?