United Charter Schools A Project By Fatima Kasuri

Pakistan is facing a serious challenge to ensure all children, particularly the most disadvantaged, attend, stay and learn in school. While enrollment and retention rates are improving, progress has been slow to improve education indicators in Pakistan. In order to accelerate progress and ensure the equitable expansion of quality education, Beaconhouse has launched a new project United Charter Schools. Fatima Raja Kasuri, a young inspirational educationist is the director of this new venture to help children build their future with this solid foundation.

Quality and affordable education by United Charter Schools – A Project of Beacon house

Beaconhouse has played an important role in the provision of quality education of an international standard to generations of young Pakistanis. And to ensure that a successful education system is accessible to all those who aspire for quality education; United Charter Schools (UCS) are launched. UCS offers students a hybrid of classroom teaching and online learning with an aim to prepare twenty-first-century citizens.


About Beacon House Group:

Beacon house – 46 years of excellence in education. Founded in 1975, the Beaconhouse Group celebrated 46 years of excellence in education in November 2021. With over 315,000 full-time students in eight countries, Beaconhouse is dynamic and ever-evolving and offers innovative and progressive education with unprecedented diversity in age, socio-economic background, and nationality.

United Charter Schools is now offering franchises nationwide

Credibility and the availability of support are crucial factors to consider when opting for an education franchise. Franchising with Pakistan’s leading education system will both expedite the initiation process and ensure continuous success.

Some of the benefits of being a UCS Franchisee are as follows:

  • Continuous development of staff
  • A Singapore-based adaptive learning management system
  • Exclusive territorial rights
  • Consistent operational/academic support
  • Strong marketing/communication support
  • INFINITY (digital learning platform)
  • Manuals for all policies and procedures


About Fatima Kasuri:

In a country clogged with masculine narratives of success, Ms. Fatima Kasuri comes forth as a breath of fresh air epitomizing success in her own distinct fashion. Famous as one of the first fashion influencers of Pakistan and media person, there are aspects to her personality that are not in the public eye; her sharp business acumen and drive for philanthropy makes her an indomitable force and an inspiration for young women.

Being an educationist, Ms. Fatima Raja Kasuri has contributed much to the country’s educational climate today. She is the founder and former CEO of Premier DLC – a company delivering training and development in the public arena under a Public-Private Partnership agreement. Ms. Fatima Kasuri’s latest project, United Charter Schools (UCS) combines her Master’s degree in Education with her passion for educating the youth of the country to provide a hub of quality academics and innovation that is affordable for all.  Her vision is to make quality education accessible to the masses so that their right to an education is met. She believes, ‘all children with the right educational environment and technological tools can become positive change-makers for our society’.


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