Usha Shah’s Fun-Filled Video in Slip Top on Vienna Trip Goes Viral

Wien, du bist mein Zuhause ♥️

The new couple, Ushna Shah and her beau Hamza Amin recently jetted off to Europe and is having a blast relishing their time in Vienna. The duo keeps sharing special moments of their trip with their Insta fam and fans are loving their vibe.

From enjoying Beyoncé’s concert, appreciating the Tennis Grand Slam, living a dream at Versailles palace, or being all cute in Disneyland, both Ushna and Hamza are living their vacation to the fullest.

Recently the duo headed towards the farm surrounded by lush green vines and fields, enjoying delicious fresh foods with friends are actual vacation goals.

Take a look at a brief snippet of the lovebirds near nature,

In the video, Ushna can be seen clad in a chic green slip top with printed pants and matching green upper getting all mushy with her beau with lots of smiles and love.

She captioned in German,

Wien, du bist mein Zuhause ♥ (Vienna, you are my home)

Ushna Shah is a popular actress who comes from a family of well-known stars. She has captivated audiences with her incredible acting skills and charming personality. She surprised her fans last year by revealing her relationship with pro-golfer Hamza Amin.

The two have finally started a new phase of their life as they had a star-studded wedding earlier this year. They are happily in love as they spend their vacation together as a couple after being apart for three weeks.

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