Ushna Shah Shares More PDA-Filled Snaps With Buea From Paris

Serving major vacation goals.

The new couple, Ushna Shah and her beau Hamza Amin jetted off to Paris and shared their lovely pictures on social media accounts. The duo is having a blast and fans are loving their vibe. Be it enjoying Beyoncé’s concert, appreciating the Tennis Grand Slam, living a dream at Versailles palace, or being all cute in Disneyland, both Ushna and Hamza are living their vacation to the fullest.

They are serving major vacation goals to the fans. The lovebirds treated their fans to a couple of more photos from her ongoing loved-up trip.

Take a peek!

Ushna Shah is a popular actress who comes from a family of well-known stars. She has captivated audiences with her incredible acting skills and charming personality. She surprised her fans last year by revealing her relationship with pro-golfer Hamza Amin.

The two have finally settled down as they had a star-studded wedding earlier this year. They are happily in love as they spend their vacation together as a couple after being apart for three weeks. We hope their relationship prospers and grows.

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