Ushna Shah Takes Another Jab at the Patriarchy in Cryptic Tweets

Her Twitter rant is indicative that something about certain men did not sit well with her again.

The talented actress and WWF-Pakistan Goodwill Ambassador, Ushna Shah, is known for her bold and blunt personality. She is known for voicing her thoughts on patriarchal society and how men try to make women uncomfortable by disrespecting boundaries. Once again, the Cheekh actress went on a Twitter rant yesterday and asked women:

“Yaar bhai kyun kehti ho”.

She said that although women don’t want to, it is imperative for them to call men ‘brother’ in professional environments otherwise a lot of them get the wrong notion. She added that if men treat girls or women as platonic friends or colleagues, the latter will not have to resort to addressing them as “brother”.

In another tweet, Ushna Shah proudly spoke of the fearlessness and assertiveness of women in their 30s unapologetically standing up against the patriarchy.

Her tweet read:

For women, the fearlessness that comes with our 30s is perhaps the best part. The ability to say “No” without an apology, the ability to call out patriarchy & and the ability to let men know when they cross a boundary and to call them out on making us uncomfortable. I love it!

Ushna Shah is a young talented actress who often speaks up for the rights of humans and the welfare of animals. The 31-year-old is the daughter of actress Ismat Tahira and the sister of Isra Ghazal. She has proven to be a seasoned actress, starring in popular drama serials such as Bashar Momin, Bala, Cheekh, Parizaad, and Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

The actress is making waves with her back-to-back hit performances in recent serials. From Parizaad to Habs, she has done justice to her roles with her phenomenal acting.

Along with being an ace actress, the Cheekh star is also a fashionista who is known to stun with her chic and daring wardrobe.