Step Aside Valentines Day, This University is Celebrating Sisters Day Instead

Scarves over roses?

It seems that educational institutions in Pakistan are constantly seeking ‘innovative’ ways to combat Valentines Day year after year. In this regard, a new idea by the Faisalabad Agriculture University is truly something else.

The university has decided that its students will not celebrate 14th February with roses and chocolates, but with something decidedly ‘modest’ in their own way. Male students at the university have been ordered to gift burqas and scarves to female students, and celebrate Sisters Day instead of Valentines.

Sisters Day Instead of Valentines

This was announced by Faisalabad Agriculture University Vice Chancellor Dr Zafar Iqbal Randhawa, and he feels proud of his recent idea to combat something that he feels is not in line with Pakistani norms and Islamic culture.

He adds:

“Is there a love greater than that between brother and sister?” On Sisters’ Day, it is greater than the love between husband and wife.”

Dr. Iqbal also mentions that his students liked the idea, and that he feels his move will go a long way to revive Islamic culture. He says:

“My thinking is that if there is a threat, convert it into an opportunity.”

Social Media Reacts to the News

True to form, Pakistani social media users had a lot to say about this development.

Nice idea or not, we can definitely say that a lot of guys now have an excuse to talk to girls at Faisalabad Agriculture University on February 14th.



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