Video of An Indian Bride Laughing Hysterically Goes Viral on Social Media

Here’s what happened.

A young bride set social media abuzz with a hysterical reaction on her big day. A video went viral of an Indian woman laughing uncontrollably during a wedding photoshoot. Netizens are trying to figure what’s going on. Here’s what happened.

Wedding day is a big moment in everyone’s life. For a bride, it is a very important day as she has to not only look good, but maintain composure. However, this particular Indian bride lost her cool as she couldn’t help break down in laughter.


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The newlywed couple were taking pictures on stage as the photographer tried to look for a perfect angles for the shoot. While taking pictures of the bride, the photographer decided to adjust the bride’s face for a better picture. However, the groom lost his cool and slapped the photographer, asking him to get off stage. At that moment, the bride couldn’t help but burst into laughter and sat on the floor.



The video went viral on social media as people love the bride’s reaction but are skeptical if it is real or fake. The discussion divided netizens on Twitter until the ‘bride’ came forward to reveal that the video is from a movie.

This ‘bride’ is Indian actress Anikritu Chowhan and the video is from the film Darling Pyaar Jhukta Nahi. Anikritu took to Twitter to thank everyone for making the video viral.

“This is a video from my movie shoot,” Anikritu tweeted.

Well, mystery solved! Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Written by Sher Alam


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  1. Why there’s no difference between a jewelry showcase window and an Indian bride. Anyway this bride’s sense of humor is out of India and in fact out of this world. Best of luck Indian bride.

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