Video of Sajjad Ali Singing Roar at Katy Perry’s Concert in Vegas Goes Viral

The “Babia” singer is a KatyCat now!

Khubi Ali took his father, the renowned singer and songwriter, Sajjad Ali, to a Katy Perry concert in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Pakistani legend was initially unimpressed by the American pop star, but ended up becoming a fan by the end of the show, evening singing the chorus to Katy’s iconic track “Roar”. This is one crossover we couldn’t have imagined!

Sajjad Ali’s unexpected transformation from skeptic to singer leaves the audience in stitches as the clip went viral on social media.

Khubi Ali shared the cute video on Instagram accompanied by the caption,

I dragged my dad to a Katy Perry concert 😂😬

Sajjad Ali can be seen sitting in the audience with a seemingly bored expression on his face during the early moments of the concert. However, as the performance progressed, a change came over the legendary singer. Khubi Ali captured the heartwarming moment when his father, much to everyone’s surprise, began singing along to Katy Perry’s hit song “Roar.”

Sajjad is a legend in the Pakistani music industry. Known for his versatile and iconic vocals, the famous singer has been entertaining the masses since 1979.

Sajjad Ali

He is trained in classical singing but has proved his merit in rock and pop music as well, with hit songs like Laari Adda, Babia, and Cinderella.

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