Syra Spotted with Shahroz On Sets of New Film In a Viral Video

Fans have a lot to say about seeing the ex-couple together on set.

Syra and Shahroz

Syra and Shahroz Sabzwari are the talk of the town, but not for the right reasons. The two set social media abuzz after a video went viral of them working together on the set of a film. Fans have a LOT to say about seeing these two around each other.

Syra Yousuf

Once everyone’s favorite showbiz couple, the two made headlines last year following their divorce. Shahroze Sabzwari faced the brunt of criticism online. The actor allegedly had an affair with Sadaf Kanwal (his current wife) while married to Syra Yousuf. Although neither Syra nor Shahroz made any statement to accept or deny these rumors.

People felt sympathy for Syra for having to go through such an ordeal. However, not many people knew that that Syra Yousuf and Shahroz had an obligation to work together in a film prior to their divorce. Recently, a video went viral of the two seen together on set. Check it out!

The public are not happy to see these two share the same space. Social media is abuzz with discussions as to why they have to work together. People are now starting to have doubts about Syra, claiming this all some sort of a publicity stunt. Check out these comments.

People seem to forget that the two are professional actors under contract. It is their job to work together on the film. Also, neither Shahroz nor Syra have expressed their disdain or hate for one another. The two have a daughter together after all.

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