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Vin Diesel Says He Won’t Delay His Films Despite Coronavirus Threat

“We need movies now more than ever.”

The recent coronavirus epidemic has got everybody on edge. People are worried about the possibility of getting infected due to the disease’s unpredictable nature. Offices and schools have shut down in some places, and even film producers are nervous about premiering new films to cinemas worldwide. However, Vin Diesel has no plans to delay his upcoming films from the Fast and Furious franchise as well as Bloodshot.

Recently, one of the most anticipated films of the year James Bond: No Time To Die was delayed be released somewhere in November instead of April, which has been a bummer for movie-goers.

But Vin Diesel fans have nothing to worry about because in a recent interview with USA Today, the action superstar assured fans that release of the upcoming F9 film and Bloodshot will be released as scheduled.

When asked about a possible delay, Vin Diesel referred to the military background of his character from the upcoming film Bloodshot. He said,

“Let me put it to you this way: Bloodshot at the end of the day is a soldier and a soldier doesn’t decide or pick when or where he’s deployed. We’re going to go in. We need movies now more than ever. We’re already in a very interesting time where cinema and the cinematic experience is so threatened. So, yes, put it on record we’re going to show up,” he said.


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While he didn’t blame anyone for thinking that the move was stupid, Diesel did assert that the best course of action is to carry on with the release. Additionally, the Bloodshot star talked about how the coronavirus scare hasn’t changed his fan-first mindset.

“I love to show up for the audience and for the fans because God knows how much they’ve showed up for me. I’m crazy. I’m begging Sony to let me go to China, even now. And you should see everyone’s faces like, ‘You’re going alone, buddy!’”

No wonder fans love ‘Dom’ or ‘Groot’, Vin Diesel always has his fans in mind. Be sure to check out his upcoming films as they hit theaters! Stay posted for more updates.


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Written by Sher Alam


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