Viral Matrimonial Ad Has Twitter Erupt With Jokes

A matrimonial ad in a newspaper went viral in India for its odd preference.

matrimonial ad meme

Mail-order spouses are still very much a thing in desi society even in this day and age. So, posting matrimonial ads is still a practice. However, recently as a matrimonial ad landed online and it has become a viral gaffe.

A matrimonial ad in a newspaper went viral in India for its odd preference. A snip of the bizarre newspaper clipping found its way onto Twitter, and Netizens have so much to say.

The ad was posted looking for a groom. As per the printed ad, they require a groom for a 24-year-old girl who is described as ‘fair and beautiful’. Additionally, she has an MBA.

In terms of her family background, the 24-year-old seemingly belongs to a rich family that owns a successful business. So, the groom should be an IAS or IPS officer, a working doctor, an industrialist, or a businessman from the same caste. However, ‘no software engineers’.

“Fair beautiful MBA girl from a rich family business background. IAS/IPS, working doctor (PG), industrialists/businessman from the same caste, … Software engineers kindly do not call.”

Not only does the bride’s family have particular special professional demands but also caste preferences.

Twitter definitely cracked jokes about the ‘no software engineers’ part.


Then there were other memes.


People also shared some other ridiculous matrimonial ads.

On the other hand, there were people pointing out the very real problems associated with these matrimonial ads and discriminatory demands.


Then there were these people.


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