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Viral Photo of Imran Khan and Rahul Gandhi Having Biryani is Fake

This sharing is not about caring.

A picture of Prime Minister Imran Khan sharing biryani with Indian Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is making rounds on the Internet. The only catch is the photo is a phony.

The doctored photograph features Rahul Gandhi, leader of the main Indian opposition Congress party, dining with PM Imran Khan. (Sharing is caring, but this sharing is scaring people)

The photograph was first posted on Facebook by an Indian user. The objective was to deter Rahul Gandhi’s election campaign in the ongoing Indian elections. (someone went as far as to doctor a photo)

Doctored image of Imran Khan eating biryani with Rahul Gandhi

The Hindi caption translates to English as:

“Who is this eating chicken biryani beside Miya Imran? Now the people will judge. This is Pappu’s condition.”

The label ‘Pappu’ is being increasingly employed to insult Rahul Gandhi by the opposition. The label itself means ‘fool’ (is this because Pappu can’t dance?).

Calling Out a Fake

How do we know this photo is phony? News outlet AFP pointed out that there’s an additional hand next to Gandhi’s (maybe it’s just that two hands are better than one…).

The portion of the image including Rahul Gandhi is digitally manipulated. AFP even circled the mistake (like a teacher in grade school).

AFP points out mistake in Imran Khan and Rahul Gandhi’s fake photo


The original image was of Imran Khan dining with ex-wife (then still his wife) Reham Khan. The two were eating biryani at Faisal Vawda’s house.

Imran Khan ding with ex-wife Reham Khan 2015

There’s even a digital stamp evidence to prove it.

A picture of Rahul Gandhi that was used for the doctored image, was clipped from a newspaper. In this picture, we see Congress leader attending the opening of a canteen in Bengaluru, India on August 17, 2017.

Rahul Gandhi at canteen opening in Bengaluru

Now we know where that extra hand came from (a play of hand gave it away).

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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