Vivek Oberoi Gets Trolled By Pakistanis and Indians Over Balakot Movie

We did not see this coming.


Nowadays, we’re seeing an uptick in anti-Pakistan movies over at Bollywood. Because nationalism sells and tickets are sold, many filmmakers from across the border see no reason to stop beating the drums of war. Except for few Bollywood celebrities, almost all of them have cheered for war against Pakistan. Even failed actors like Vivek Oberoi.

The reason for this is simple. We have seen how even a failed actor like Vicky Kaushal managed to sell an anti-Pakistan narrative through his movie Uri: The Surgical Strike. It became one of the top grossing movies this year in India.

Hoping to emulate Vicky’s ‘success’, Vivek Oberoi has also announced to make a movie on the alleged Balakot strike, an air strike that resulted in the casualties of a few trees over at Pakistan’s side of the border.


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But here’s the mother of plot twists.

A Gamble Thats Not Paying Off

It seems Vivek Oberoi’s attempts at warmongering against Pakistan have gone down the drain. Surprisingly, it’s not just Pakistanis but his fellow Indians as well who are brutally trolling him for his recent announcement.

Here’s how the actor’s fellow countrymen trolled him.

We can’t argue with these facts here:

Pakistanis also joined in the party:

We are wondering the same:

This is absolutely spot on:

Vivek Oberoi Career

Vivek Oberoi was last seen in Indian PM Narender Modi biopic, a movie even Narender Modi wouldn’t watch.

The movie, just as Vivek Oberoi’s most movies, proved to be a box office disaster. Perhaps its time for him to hang up his showbiz boots?


Vivek Oberoi Gets Brutally Trolled Over Narendra Modi Role


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