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Vivek Oberoi Gets Brutally Trolled Over Narendra Modi Role

People are savagely trolling Narendra Modi and Vivek Oberoi.

narendra modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not having a good run lately. He’s losing support, faces protests over rising rate of unemployment and a slowing economy in his country.

And to make matters worse, a movie that features him is also getting brutally trolled by Indians over social media after the reveal of its first poster.

Vivek Oberoi to play the role of Modi

Vivek Oberoi is all set to portray the Indian leader in the upcoming political biopic. The movie is being directed by Omung Kumar.

Oberoi, whose Bollywood career virtually tanked during the past few years, was chosen to portray the controversial yet populist leader. Many people were only too happy to pick up on both the actor and their leader.

Lets take a look at how savage people got regarding the whole thing.

As we mentioned before, Oberoi’s career was pretty much in cold storage, and then came this movie:

Even the former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir didn’t spare him:

Modi’s rule has been characterized by rising levels of unemployment, and people decided to drive this point home over the movie as well:

Some saw this as an attempt to butter up to the leader of the day:

Some of us have questions regarding the producers behind this film:

Ok this one’s pretty funny if you think about it:

Too close?

Even Modi’s failed demonetization policies weren’t spared in the process:

Modi is all about optics, and jet-setting across the world. Obviously people were going to mention this aspect of his public persona here as well:

At least there’s some ‘praise’ there as well (we kid):

Political biopics are all the rage in India right now. And this meme captures it all too well:

Well then there’s something that politicians excel at:

Too real:

I think that is enough trolling for one day:


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