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Waliya Najib Looks Heavenly in These Photos From Turkey [Pictures]

She is radiating a blissful vibe through all these pictures.

Waliya Najib

Waliya Najib is a famous Pakistani photographer who made headlines with her wedding photos earlier this year. And she is now receiving a lot of her fans’ love and support for her gorgeous pictures from Turkey.


photographer Waliya Najib


Waliya is one of the most sought after photographers in Pakistan. According to one of her interviews, her parents were always supportive of her. Photography, in particular, was a hobby of her late father, and it was passed down to her. Presented with her first camera on her 13th birthday, the model began capturing moments that surrounded her.


Our home has always been full of photographs, albums, and paintings. Wherever we went, our camera went with us. Every happy moment was caught on camera.



The famous photographer, who people trust to take magical photos, is now the person posing for stunningly beautiful pictures in Turkey. Waliya and her husband, Faizan Sameer, are currently enjoying a vacation in Turkey.

Recently, one of her pictures was in the spotlight and while it was a gorgeous photo, it was the caption that caught everyone’s attention. Taking to her Instagram account, where she has 622 thousand followers, Waliya took it upon herself to school others on the concept of marriage.


Ive gotten so many messages lately asking me to stop posting happy photos with my husband because it gives the wrong image of marriage to the youth???!!! So basically its okay to show them all this saas bahu laraiyan, maar peet abusive marriages in dramas but God forbid show them anything good so they don’t raise their expectations??



Let’s take a look at all of her photos from Turkey:



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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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