Waqar Zaka Asks Prime Minister to Reverse Ban on PUBG

Will this help?

PUBG Ban with waqar zaka

The PUBG ban issue is yet to be resolved. Many people have been speaking out against this ‘unjustified ban’ ever since PTA ‘temporarily suspended’ it on July 1.

The temporary suspension led to a permanent ban, even after the Islamabad High Court deemed it void and directed the authority to immediately lift the ban. PTA has refused to do so. PUBG will remain blocked in the country.

Waqar Zaka has been actively fighting for this but it seems that his efforts are going in vain. The social media star is petitioning PM Khan to unban PUBG by trending #ImranKhanPUBGKholo. So far, over 400k tweets have been shared by netizens where many Pakistani celebrities also requested him to unban the game, but PM Imran Khan hasn’t responded yet.

“Over 400K requests through tweet but no response from PM or any member , we don’t need tweet , we need you to unban PUBG otherwise I am not interested in supporting you in next elections.”


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Waqar Zaka is very much disappointed in Imran Khan as he is turning a blind eye to what the youth wants now. This has started a digital dharna on social media where Pakistanis are demanding the head of the government to answer to their calls.

Along with #ImranKhanPUBGKholo, #ImranKhanJawabDou is also trending on Twitter.

The PUBG ban is a hindrance to Pakistan’s e-sports future and Waqar Zaka, along with millions of youth are not okay with it. They want Imran Khan to take action against PTA and revive PUBG in Pakistan for the sake of the digital economy.


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