Wasim Akram Thanks CBC For Their Clean Up Drive at Clifton Beach, Karachi [Video]

His wife, Shaniera Akram, has put in a lot of efforts for this initiative.

Wasim Akram

One of the greatest cricketer’s in Pakistani history and the ‘Sultan of Swing’, Wasim Akram, continues to make headlines with his humanitarian and social work efforts. The 54-year-old has worked on several humanitarian projects along with wife, Shaniera Akram, who too has been in the news, especially for her beach-cleaning drives.

More than a year ago, the cricketer’s 37-year-old wife was alarmed by the condition of the beach in Karachi. She started a beach clean up drive, which garnered collective efforts from teachers and students to local residents.



Earlier this year, after countless efforts and repeated drives, Clifton beach was free of plastic, syringes, and other harmful material.



However, a few months later the couple returned from their trip to England and found loads and loads of waste polluting the beach once again. They were both furious and upset to see their efforts go to waste.



About a month ago Wasim and Shaniera, once again, started working towards a healthier, safer beach for Karachiites.



Now, the fast bowler has taken to his Twitter account to thank the efforts of CBC and Karachiites. He said:


“Congratulations to everyone, the beach looks extremely clean. Congratulations to CBC and people from Karachi. Congratulations to Sarfaraz and his team, who come here every morning to clean the beach.”


He also added that we can now bring our guests to this beach, and proudly show it off. Take a look at the video here:



We hope that Wasim Akram and Shaniera Akram’s efforts are not ignored or taken advantage of this time. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.



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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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