We Finally Get to See Fawad Khan in Ms. Marvel! [Reactions]

Fawad Khan - Ms Marvel

After a glimpse, we finally got to see Fawad Khan essaying Kamala Khan’s grandfather in Disney’s popular web series Ms. Marvel.

We’re finally getting to see Fawad Khan in the role of Hassan, Kamala Khan’s grandfather. Previously, the show teased a look at his character with a photograph.

Just the tease had desi Twitter swooning. How are they handling his actual appearance?

Fawad Khan - Ms Marvel


We see the actor finally in all his glory in Ep. 5 of the web series. Naturally, desi Twitter has melted into a puddle at the sight of the Pakistani heartthrob.


Yes, there were a lot of fangirls.


Others talked about how this is as much about desi representation as it is about a Muslim-Pakistani superhero on screen.


Apparently, there were still people that haven’t started watching the series yet!

How do you feel about finally seeing Fawad Khan in Ms. Marvel? Let us know in the comments below.


In the episodes to come, we’ll probably get more back stories about Kamala Khan’s grandparents. From Her grandfather Hassan. To her grandmother Aisha, where Kamala gets her superpowers from.


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