What Happened to British-Pakistani YouTuber Rukhsar AKA ‘Brown Girl Problems’

Brown Girl Problems

Remember Rukhsar AKA ‘Brown Girl Problems1’. This is a Pakistani YouTuber that made it big highlighting brown girl dilemmas.

As a Mirpuri girl in the United Kingdom, this British-Pakistani talked about the duality that comes with a multicultural upbringing. Between, adhering to your personal identity and keeping the judgy desi community at bay.

However, she’s been MIA from the digital sphere for a while now. She was pretty famous and was even cast in a Pakistani drama serial, Mein Khuwab Hoon Kisi Aur Ka, a Hum TV drama.

Then all her social media accounts were deactivated. This includes Twitter, her personal Instagram, as well as the Instagram associated with her YouTube channel, and Snapchat. While her YouTube channel and Facebook page remain dormant.

So what happened to her? There are a number of theories online talking about what happened.


The Conspiracy

As the desi content creator disappeared from our Internet search, her fans realized that she has disappeared completely.

That’s when many came up with theories to explain the situation, which includes some far-fetched ideas such as that she has been forced into a marriage. Rumor has it that she is not a ‘straight woman’, so when the family found out they forced her into a marriage.

According to Gossip Guru, Rukhsar was allegedly in a relationship with Nathalie Bebes


Brown Girl Problems

As per the platform, streamer Nathalie Bebes also posted about ‘something bad happening’, and Netizens interpreted it as Rukhsar’s forced marriage.

Brown Girl Problems

However, there is no official statement from either one of them, Rukhsar or Nathalie Bebes.


What Really Happened?

These conspiracies seem far-fetched and concerning given how such rumors could endanger the safety and well-being of the YouTube content creator.

Surely she has disappeared from the Internet over some big reasons, right? While there’s also the fact that she is a registered nurse.

Well, another explanation is that now that she is a working registered nurse, and needs a break from her YouTube channel. Given her working hours it might be difficult to be a full-time YouTuber and a Medicaid worker.

Additionally, she does now occasionally pop up on her Snapchat, so we do know that she is okay. What did you think of the conspiracies to explain the YouTuber’s hiatus? Let us know in the comments below.