Who Will Get Custody of Feroze Khan’s Kids?

The court will announce its reserved verdict on 20 October.

Syeda Aliza Sultan with Feroze Khan

The Karachi District East Court heard the case filed by Feroze Khan and his ex-wife, Aliza Sultan, for the custody of their children, as per which the actor Feroze Khan petitioned to be granted their custody, otherwise their future would be miserable.

Note that the former couple has two children a three-year-old son and a six-month-old daughter, who are residing with their mother.

Feroze Khan

The Habs star’s counsel claimed that Aliza Sultan is not mentally fit or financially stable enough to bear the expenses of their children. He also asked for the actor to be allowed to meet the children four days a week and their custody until the final decision is announced.

Barrister Qaim Shah, who is representing, Aliza Sultan, said in the counter-agreement that the Gul-e-Rana star is mostly abroad for work and is also very aggressive. He stated that Feroze Khan breaks things in anger and that the children are not safe with such a person.

After hearing the statements by both the counsels, the court reserved the verdict which is to be announced on 20 October. It also allowed the Khaani star to meet his children in the courtroom.

Feroze Khan and Aliza Sultan separated last month after four years of marriage, after which the latter took to her social media account and accused her ex of abuse, infidelity, degradation, and blackmail.