Imran Khan Reveals Why He Unfollowed Everyone on Twitter [Video]

His curt reply to the question is actually impressive.

Imran Khan

Lately, Prime Minister Imran Khan has been trending for various reasons. But did you know that he unfollowed everyone on Twitter? Not only that, but after doing so, he disclosed the reason in an interview,

“A Prime Minister follows no one.”

In a recent interview, the premier was asked why did he unfollow everyone on his Twitter. Is there an important reason behind this unfollowing spree? Was it something his political party suggested? Or is there a security reason behind it?

To which he simply said, “a prime minister follows no one”.


PM Imran Khan unfollows everyone on Twitter

Earlier in December, Twitteratis noticed that PM Imran Khan was no longer following anyone on the social media platform. He currently has about 13 million followers on Twitter.


Moreover, he is following only two accounts from his official Instagram account. These include the verified accounts of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH&RC).



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At first, netizens tried to decode what it means. It came as a shock for most of his followers. Imran Khan joined Twitter in the year 20210 and since then he had been following his ex wife and film producer, Jemima Goldsmith. He had continued to follow her although the two had parted ways. However, the number of people he follows now shows zero.

Pakistani Twitter space has mixed reactions over the revelation. Some took his statement seriously, others passed sarcastic comments and trolled him for ‘feeling inferior to former PM Nawaz Sharif. Let’s take a look at some reactions.



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