Here’s Why Netizens Want All Celebs To Be Like ‘Atif Aslam’

People want other celebrities to be like Atif Aslam, while fans tweet their memorable interactions with the ‘Aadat’ singer

Atif Aslam

Despite being talented artists, plenty of celebs land in hot waters for using their platform to propagate problematic ideas. Not Atif Aslam though. So fans want other celebs to take note.

Whether it’s diva antics or problematic comments, we never hear about Atif Aslam wrapped up in any such controversy.

To this day we don’t even know who he voted for or if he even votes. That’s why Netizens are asking other celebs to follow the ‘Atif Aslam model’.

“All celebrities should follow the Atif Aslam model in which we barely know or hear anything about him but his music and it stays that way.”


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When a Twitter user shared this observation, people came forth with their Atif Aslam stories. People shared incidents of the Tera Honay Laga Hoon singer being polite to straight-up being a role model.

Atif might not share details of his personal life with fans but he was kinder than the average stranger when it comes to interacting with fans.


Instances of the 12 Bjey singer’s charitable efforts also made their way into the conversation. Turns out that happens a lot, he just doesn’t post about it.


There are so many heart-warming stories of how he’s the ultimate gentleman with fans.


The emerging Sufi singer is quite a humble soul in real life.


There were even instances of the singer remaining as cool as a glacier when meeting people unaware of his stardom. Not one story of ‘Do you know who I am?



People also mention how he handles rude people. With grace.


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So maybe others celebs should take note.

Do you have a wholesome Atif Aslam story you want to share? Drop your experience in the comments below.


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