Woman Gives Birth to Two-Headed Baby in Badin

Despite the strange circumstances doctors say that both mother and child are in good health.

In a bizarre birth, a woman gave birth to a two-headed baby in Badin, Sindh. Despite the strange circumstances doctors at a private hospital in the city of Badin, where the baby was delivered say both mother and child are in good health.

Current. pk reports, that according to the doctors who were a part of the delivery, despite the difficult birth, both mother and child are healthy and out of danger.


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Although this birth occurred in Badin, this two-headed baby was born to a family haling from the Mirpur Bathoro area of district Sujawal. It’s a good thing they made it to a hospital in time.

Senior gynaecologist, Dr. Nusrat Babu Khati said that an ultrasound report of the baby obtained after delivery shows that the baby’s brain is split and is visible in both heads. The newborn will not remain with the birth abnormality, which has already been surgically corrected. Doctors stated that the baby’s heads were separated after a surgical procedure.

Following the procedure, Dr. Nusrat Babu Khati revealed the newborn’s condition is stable. The gynaecologist cautioned that more tests would be conducted after consulting senior doctors.

The parents will be given advice and training on how to take care of their baby. Dr Nusrat Babu Khati said, that if the baby’s brain was split between both heads, removing one of the heads will definitely affect the brain.


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