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Work Hard and Stop Staging Childish Walkouts: Iman Ali on LSA

The popular actress has her own take on the recent controversy.

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As Lux Style Awards nominees continue to stage walking out one after another, Iman Ali has a little bit of advice regarding the whole thing.

After model Eman Suleman rejected her LSA nomination because the event was catering to sexual predators, multiple nominees have walked out.

While many celebs are being supportive of the walkout, model-cum-actress Iman Ali has done the opposite. She suggested that people should ‘not be quick to judge’. Iman thinks we should not destroy careers of other aspiring artists, and avoid jumping to conclusions.

“Our sense of entitlement to quickly judge anyone and jump to conclusions is worrisome, specially in this age of social media.”

A Controversial Situation

While most personalities have supported those dropping out of the LSAs, others were critical of their decision.

The Khuda Kay Liye actress went so far as to say that the platform made it too easy for people to become famous.

“A platform that has made it too easy for some to become a part of a controversy or join a bandwagon and become famous overnight; potentially ruining someone’s life or body of work in minutes.”

On a concluding note, she said that fame and respect should be earned ‘with hard work not by childish walkouts, and social media posts’.

Eman vs Iman

Eman Suleman certainly didn’t appreciate the suggestions. When she responded to Iman Ali’s post, the Bol actress deleted it.

“Like I said before, we’ve worked very hard and it saddens me to see that you denigrate our efforts.”

While we agree that none of us have the right to play judge, jury, and executioner, we can’t help but think that Iman’s statements end up legitimizing Lux Style Awards’ stance. Does she support #MeToo and #MeinBhi or what?

When Eman asked Iman what her stance was on that, Iman responded with “Let’s not confuse the issue.” 

“What about the victims who have suffered at the hands of perpetrators in this industry, and other work places? They never got the chance to work hard and achieve what they could. Instead, the victims were ostracized.”

We can’t help but say that sexual harassment was the issue to begin with. What’s the confusion here?

LSA’s Organizers Respond With Public Statement

In its defense, LSA issued a public statement on Wednesday:

All LSA had to say was that the nominations of all the categories were based on merit, regardless of any ongoing case, even sexual harassment.

Meanwhile, LSA stalwart Freiha Altaf said that the accused should just drop out on their own (relying on a sexual predator to make the morally right decision).

“In my opinion, if anybody should step down, it should be the alleged harasser, not those who are innocent and oppose him,………..The LSA platform and event is very close to my heart and I will continue to fight on my turf for women’s rights and empowerment.”


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Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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