Yasir Hussain Calls Out Rich Women For Making Donation Calls

Do you agree with his remarks?

Yasir Hussain

A lot has been happening around us lately. The pandemic, shortage of supplies and now the lockdown have added up to the already melancholic situation in the country.

Of course, in most cases we have seen the generosity and kindness of our people who have proved that humanity is still alive, we’ve just been looking somewhere else.


Celebrities and locals alike have tried to help out those who can’t help themselves in these times. But there are also those who are hoarding supplies, although they are aware that panic buying has never helped anyone.

Some even enjoy a luxurious life now, but when it comes to charity and helping out others, they are the worst of them all. That’s you penny pinchers.

Yasir Hussain calls out such people and condemns their shameful acts.

“I have been hearing about it from so many places that the rich and wealthy women of DHA, who would spend 5000 per meal, are calling others to make donations for their domestic workers. Why don’t you people just go and die out of shame.”

Yasir also said that if he could, he would have called out these people by using their names.


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In another Instagram story, Yasir also pointed out that making donations is good and we should definitely preach others to do it. It totally depends on you how you want to do it but don’t show the faces of the ones you have helped.

Yasir Hussain believes that because of this, they might become used to taking donations and it can affect their faith as well.


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