Sanam Jung Has Words for People Who Show Off While Helping the Needy

The actress has a very important message.

People are coming forward to donate huge amounts of money to help out underprivileged people survive the storm caused by the deadly coronavirus pandemic. However, there is a catch! Sometimes, these donators and ‘helpers’ want to be seen helping the poor. Thus, these people take pictures to show off their ‘generosity’ on social media to receive praises and ‘likes’.

The biggest culprits of this sort of behavior are most if not all celebrities, who always perform acts of charity to enhance their public image.

Actress Sanam Jung spoke up about this disturbing trend and requested everyone not to showoff while helping out the people in need. In a recent tweet, she wrote,

“For God’s sake while donating poor people do not show off just to receive appreciation on social media.”


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Many people agreed with Sanam Jung and appreciated her for pointing it out. The global pandemic due to COVID-19 has created all sorts of problems for people all around the world, especially for the underprivileged.


The poor are going through the most difficult time of their lives as they not only have to feed themselves but also protect their families from a deadly virus that can be contracted very easily. People’s focus should not be about themselves and how ‘charitable’ they are viewed by others but rather their actions should speak for themselves.

Do you think posting pictures from donation drives inspire people or it is just for show off purpose? Share your views with us in the comments below.


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Written by Sher Alam


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