Yasir Nawaz’s Thriller Film with Feroze Khan and Mawra Hocane Enters Pre-Production

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Yasir Nawaz

Now that we know Yasir Nawaz’s next will be a thriller with Mawra Hocane and Feroze Khan, what other updates do we have?

According to Entertainment.pk, Yasir Nawaz revealed that his film is in its pre-production phase, with the cast already locked in. The cast includes Mawra Hocane, and Feroze Khan as leads with Javed Sheikh, and Ahmed Hassan in supporting roles. Ahmed Hasan will be seen doing a comic role in the film.

Yasir Nawaz comedy thriller
Leads in Yasir Nawaz’s comedy thriller

The Wrong No. director already has three films to his credit He’s known for having cameos in his own films. This time around he will be one of the main characters in his upcoming comedy thriller.


Yasir Nawaz Ropes In Mawra Hocane For Next Film


Yasir Nawaz’s Comedy Thriller

From the Wrong No. franchise to Mehrunisa V Lub U, Yasir Nawaz has proven his prowess when it comes to comedy. How will he create a comedy thriller though?

One thing’s for sure Mawra Hocane will have a dance number in the film. For the soundtrack, they have tried and trusted Ali Tariq onboard. Ali Tariq recently voiced Behka Na from Parey Hut Love and he was also featured on the Wrong No. 2 soundtrack.

He’s widely famous for singing the Nescafe basement version of Haroon’s famous track Mehbooba.

Ahsan Ali Taj will also be lending his vocals to this comedy-thriller. The composers for other tracks are not final yet.

The filmmaker didn’t want to disclose all the details and isn’t revealing the title. Meanwhile, he penned the story himself, with Zafar Imran co-writing the screenplay. Zafar Imran also penned the film’s dialogues.


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As for production, this time around Hasan Zia jumped ship and Yasir Nawaz’s better half Nida Yasir is co-producing with her husband.

The film is slated for release in 2020. While the release date has not been finalized, it is expected to be an Eid release.

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